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外丹功 Waitankung Testimony 3 July 4, 2007

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外丹功 Waitankung Testimony 3 – Waidangong Has Helped Me to Recover from Poliomyelitis – by Taiwan/Kuo Yung-yi.

I was struck by poliomyelitis at the age of three, so the muscles of both of my legs were flaccid and the toes could not move at all. From then on, my right leg had to be braced up by an iron-shoe and, if I wanted to move my body. I must rely upon a pair of crutches.

In 1979, after graduation from the pharmacy section of Ren-te Medical School in Miao-li Hsien, I was told by Mr. Wu Chao-Fung that Waidangong (外丹功) could improve one’s health and even cure chronic diseases. So on February 10,1980, I began to learn Waidangong under the instruction of Mr. Su Wen-hsing. Because I could not stand up, in the beginning I could only sit on a chair to learn the preparatory posture of Waidangong (外丹功) , which originally should be practiced in standing position. I practiced two times a day each time lasting one hour. In the first week, the innate Qi led me to place my hands on my knees to stretch the sinews of my legs, and on the seventh day, I was able to stand up for the first time without the support of the crutches. Thereafter I could practice the preparatory posture by leaning against the wall……Read More


外丹功 Waitankung Testimony 2 June 14, 2007

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外丹功 Waitankung Testimony 2 – Waitankung  Restored My Eyesight and Memory by Lui Pak-ser [ 刘伯舵 ] – Taiwan.

One day in December, 1977, I suddenly lost my eyesight and memory. I went to the Hospital of the Armed Forces in Taipei for a checkup and it was found that three blood vessels in the brain responsible for eyesight and memory suffered from sclerosis. After being treated by the hospital for one hundred days, I was told by the doctors that there was no medicine available to cure my illness.

Being desperate, I left the hospital and consulted many doctors of both Chinese and Western medicine, but my illness remained the same. I even asked the Buddha
and other gods for help, and there was no response at all. During the following four years. I spent about US$25,000 to no avail.

In January198l, a friend of mine told me that many people’s with chronic diseases had been cured by Waitankung 外丹功, a Chinese kungfu which helps arouse one’s innate Qi, and urged me to learn it. Following his advice, I went to
Sheng-li Elementary School in Pingtung to learn it from the instructor Mr. Lan Kung Hwa. But five months later, there was no improvement in my health. I was somewhat disappointed and stopped practicing it. After an interval of two months, my interest revived and I resumed my practice of Waitankung 外丹功 . Every morning I went to Sheng-li Elementary School to learn it from Mr. Lan, and with great patience, he taught me how to practice it. One month later, I found to my surprise that the innate Qi in my body was activated and my eyes could see people and read newspapers again.……Read More

外丹功 Waitankung Testimony 1 May 30, 2007

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外丹功 Waitankung Testimony 1 – How Waitankung 外丹功 Heal my String of Health Problems by Chan Siew Chin [ 曾秀贞 ] – Singapore.

I use to experience constant lower backache for the past 15 years and causes me to lead a stagnant and lethargic life and the end result – obesity; which eventually lead to more health problems. In order to improve my health I have decided to invest my time to take up a serious exercise of any kind to prevent degeneration of the body.

I was on herbal medication for a string of health problem for more than a decade and have stopped all medication since April 2006.

It was pure coincidence that I ended up in the Waitankung  外丹功  class. Having started blindly in August 2005 I have not regretted nor turned back since. In fact it benefited me so much more than I have expected. Now I am more focused, relaxed and have better memory and also less temperamental.

The process of learning in the initial couple of months were not easy, the price to pay was muscle aches and pains after each Waitankung session. This was basically due to the fact that all these muscles were stiff and under utilized due to my lethargic life style.

The encouragements from shi jie(s)师姐们 and with their patience, demonstration and explanation pulled me through those beginners’ tough time. The movement were corrected by the shi jie(s)师姐们 and the positive effect explained. It was through these explanations that I realized that most of the movement will free me from aches and pains. I memorized and felt the pull of that particular muscle/area and put in extra effort during my own practice to correct my mistake by imitating and recapping that feeling I had when I was being corrected by shi jie(s)师姐们.

Relaxing the muscles and body were emphasized during Waitankung session. I slowly learned to let go my tense muscles and now I am more relax.

It was during the stay-in camp in May this year that I’ve learnt and understood more of the nature of Waitankung 外丹功 art form and the goodness it offers. That prompted me to push myself further and now I normally have half an hour of extra practice ……Read More

外丹功 Waitankung Testimony Site Map May 25, 2007

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